May 3rd Birthdays

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May 3rd, 1985 (May 03 1985)BirthGreg Raposo, American pop/rock singer
May 3rd, 1984 (May 03 1984)BirthNam Sang-mi, South Korean actress and model
May 3rd, 1984 (May 03 1984)BirthCheryl Burke, American professional dancer
May 3rd, 1983 (May 03 1983)BirthJoseph Addai, American football player
May 3rd, 1983 (May 03 1983)BirthRomeo Castelen, Dutch footballer
May 3rd, 1983 (May 03 1983)BirthMarton Fulop, Hungarian footballer
May 3rd, 1983 (May 03 1983)BirthMyriam Fares, Lebanese singer
May 3rd, 1982 (May 03 1982)BirthIgor Olshansky, Ukrainian-born American football player
May 3rd, 1981 (May 03 1981)BirthFarrah Franklin, American singer (former member of Destiny s Child)
May 3rd, 1980 (May 03 1980)BirthZuzana Ondraskova, Czech tennis player
May 3rd, 1980 (May 03 1980)BirthMarcel Vigneron, American chef (Top Chef)
May 3rd, 1979 (May 03 1979)BirthSteve Mack, American professional wrestler
May 3rd, 1978 (May 03 1978)BirthPaul Banks, American vocalist (Interpol)
May 3rd, 1978 (May 03 1978)BirthChristina Hendricks, American actress
May 3rd, 1978 (May 03 1978)BirthLawrence Tynes, American football player
May 3rd, 1977 (May 03 1977)BirthMashima Hiro, Japanese Mangaka of Rave Master and Fairy Tail
May 3rd, 1977 (May 03 1977)BirthRyan Dempster, American baseball player
May 3rd, 1976 (May 03 1976)BirthJeff Halpern, American ice hockey player
May 3rd, 1975 (May 03 1975)BirthMaksim Mrvica, Croatian pianist
May 3rd, 1975 (May 03 1975)BirthEva Santolaria, Spanish actress
May 3rd, 1975 (May 03 1975)BirthDule Hill, American actor
May 3rd, 1974 (May 03 1974)BirthPrincess Haya bint Hussein of Jordan Hussein of Jordan Quotes
May 3rd, 1972 (May 03 1972)BirthShonie Carter, American MMA fighter
May 3rd, 1972 (May 03 1972)BirthSuzi Suzuki, former Japanese adult actress
May 3rd, 1971 (May 03 1971)BirthDamon Dash, American label executive
May 3rd, 1971 (May 03 1971)BirthJosey Scott, American singer (Saliva)
May 3rd, 1970 (May 03 1970)BirthJeffrey Sebelia, American fashion designer
May 3rd, 1969 (May 03 1969)BirthDaryl F. Mallett, American writer/editor
May 3rd, 1968 (May 03 1968)BirthShane Minor, American singer
May 3rd, 1966 (May 03 1966)BirthPeter Abbay, American actor
May 3rd, 1966 (May 03 1966)BirthFirdous Bamji, Indian-American actor
May 3rd, 1966 (May 03 1966)BirthDarren Morgan, Welsh snooker player
May 3rd, 1965 (May 03 1965)BirthRob Brydon, Welsh comedian
May 3rd, 1965 (May 03 1965)BirthJohn Jensen, Danish footballer
May 3rd, 1964 (May 03 1964)BirthRon Hextall, Canadian ice hockey player
May 3rd, 1963 (May 03 1963)BirthJeff Hornacek, American basketball player
May 3rd, 1963 (May 03 1963)BirthJamie Reeves, British strongman
May 3rd, 1963 (May 03 1963)BirthSally Whittaker, English actress
May 3rd, 1962 (May 03 1962)BirthAnders Graneheim, Swedish bodybuilder
May 3rd, 1961 (May 03 1961)BirthSteve McClaren, English football manager
May 3rd, 1961 (May 03 1961)BirthJoe Murray, American cartoonist
May 3rd, 1961 (May 03 1961)BirthDavid Vitter American politician
May 3rd, 1960 (May 03 1960)BirthAmy Steel, American actress
May 3rd, 1959 (May 03 1959)BirthDavid Ball, English musician (Soft Cell)
May 3rd, 1959 (May 03 1959)BirthUma Bharati, Indian politician
May 3rd, 1959 (May 03 1959)BirthBen Elton, British comedian and authorBen Elton Quotes
May 3rd, 1958 (May 03 1958)BirthKevin Kilner, American actor
May 3rd, 1958 (May 03 1958)BirthSandi Toksvig, Danish comedian and radio presenter
May 3rd, 1957 (May 03 1957)BirthRod Langway, American ice hockey player
May 3rd, 1956 (May 03 1956)BirthMarc Bellemare, French Canadian lawyer and politician
May 3rd, 1955 (May 03 1955)BirthDavid Hookes, Australian cricketer (died in 2004)
May 3rd, 1954 (May 03 1954)BirthGary Young, American drummer (Pavement)
May 3rd, 1952 (May 03 1952)BirthAllan Wells, British athlete
May 3rd, 1952 (May 03 1952)BirthCaitlin Clarke. American actress (died in 2004)
May 3rd, 1951 (May 03 1951)BirthChristopher Cross, American musician
May 3rd, 1951 (May 03 1951)BirthTatyana Tolstaya, Russian writer
May 3rd, 1949 (May 03 1949)BirthRon Wyden, American politicianRon Wyden Quotes
May 3rd, 1948 (May 03 1948)BirthChris Mulkey, American actor
May 3rd, 1947 (May 03 1947)BirthDoug Henning, Canadian magician (died in 2000)
May 3rd, 1946 (May 03 1946)BirthNorm Chow, American football coach
May 3rd, 1946 (May 03 1946)BirthSilvino Francisco, South African snooker player
May 3rd, 1945 (May 03 1945)BirthDavey Lopes, American baseball player and coach
May 3rd, 1942 (May 03 1942)BirthVera Caslavska, Czech gymnast
May 3rd, 1942 (May 03 1942)BirthDave Marash, American journalist
May 3rd, 1942 (May 03 1942)BirthC.L. Otter, American politician, governor of Idaho
May 3rd, 1941 (May 03 1941)BirthEdward "Monk" Malloy, American university president
May 3rd, 1940 (May 03 1940)BirthKonrad "Conny" Plank, German record producer and musician
May 3rd, 1940 (May 03 1940)BirthClemens Westerhof, Dutch football manager
May 3rd, 1938 (May 03 1938)BirthChris Cannizzaro, American baseball player
May 3rd, 1937 (May 03 1937)BirthNelida Pinon, Brazilian writer
May 3rd, 1935 (May 03 1935)BirthRon Popeil, American inventor
May 3rd, 1934 (May 03 1934)BirthHenry Cooper, English boxer
May 3rd, 1934 (May 03 1934)BirthGeorges Moustaki, Egyptian born Greek-French singer and songwriter
May 3rd, 1934 (May 03 1934)BirthFrankie Valli, American singer (The Four Seasons)
May 3rd, 1933 (May 03 1933)BirthJames Brown, American singer and dancer (died in 2006)James Brown Quotes
May 3rd, 1933 (May 03 1933)BirthSteven Weinberg, American physicist, Nobel laureate
May 3rd, 1933 (May 03 1933)BirthAlex Cord, American actor
May 3rd, 1932 (May 03 1932)BirthRobert Osborne, American film historian
May 3rd, 1928 (May 03 1928)BirthDave Dudley, American singer (died in 2003)
May 3rd, 1924 (May 03 1924)BirthYehuda Amichai, Israeli poet (died in 2000)
May 3rd, 1924 (May 03 1924)BirthKen Tyrrell, English founder of eponymous F1 racing team (died in 2001)
May 3rd, 1923 (May 03 1923)BirthRalph Hall, American politician
May 3rd, 1923 (May 03 1923)BirthGeorge Hadjinikos, Greek pianist and conductor
May 3rd, 1922 (May 03 1922)BirthLen Shackleton, English former footballer (died in 2000)
May 3rd, 1921 (May 03 1921)BirthSugar Ray Robinson, American boxer (died in 1989)
May 3rd, 1921 (May 03 1921)BirthJoe Ames, American singer (died in 2007)
May 3rd, 1920 (May 03 1920)BirthJohn Lewis, American jazz pianist and composer (Modern Jazz Quartet) (died in 2001)
May 3rd, 1919 (May 03 1919)BirthJohn Cullen Murphy, American comic strip artist (died in 2004)
May 3rd, 1919 (May 03 1919)BirthPete Seeger, American singer
May 3rd, 1918 (May 03 1918)BirthTed Bates, English former footballer (died in 2003)
May 3rd, 1917 (May 03 1917)BirthBetty Comden, American lyricist (died in 2006)
May 3rd, 1916 (May 03 1916)BirthLeopold Simoneau, French Canadian tenor (died in 2006)
May 3rd, 1915 (May 03 1915)BirthStu Hart, Canadian professional wrestler and trainer (died in 2003)
May 3rd, 1913 (May 03 1913)BirthWilliam Inge, American playwright (died in 1973)
May 3rd, 1912 (May 03 1912)BirthVirgil Fox, American organist (died in 1980)Virgil Fox Quotes
May 3rd, 1910 (May 03 1910)BirthNorman Corwin, American radio pioneer
May 3rd, 1906 (May 03 1906)BirthAnna E. Roosevelt, American radio personality, daughter of Franklin Delano Roosevelt (died in 1975)Franklin Delano Roosevelt Quotes
May 3rd, 1906 (May 03 1906)BirthMary Astor, Academy Award-winning American actress (died in 1987)
May 3rd, 1905 (May 03 1905)BirthWerner Fenchel, German mathematician (died in 1988)
May 3rd, 1905 (May 03 1905)BirthSebastian Shaw, English actor (died in 1994)
May 3rd, 1903 (May 03 1903)BirthBing Crosby, American singer and actor (died in 1977)
May 3rd, 1902 (May 03 1902)BirthAlfred Kastler, French physicist, Nobel Prize laureate (died in 1984)Alfred Nobel Quotes
May 3rd, 1901 (May 03 1901)BirthGino Cervi, Italian actor (died in 1974)
May 3rd, 1898 (May 03 1898)BirthGolda Meir, Prime Minister of Israel (died in 1978)Golda Meir Quotes
May 3rd, 1896 (May 03 1896)BirthDodie Smith, English novelist and playwright (died in 1990)
May 3rd, 1896 (May 03 1896)BirthKarl Allmenroder, German World War I Ace (died in 1917)
May 3rd, 1895 (May 03 1895)BirthCornelius Van Til, philosopher and Christian apologist (died in 1987) Philo Quotes
May 3rd, 1893 (May 03 1893)BirthKonstantine Gamsakhurdia, Georgian writer and public benefactor (died in 1975)
May 3rd, 1892 (May 03 1892)BirthGeorge Paget Thomson, English physicist, Nobel Prize laureate (died in 1975)
May 3rd, 1891 (May 03 1891)BirthTadeusz Peiper, Polish poet (died in 1969)
May 3rd, 1888 (May 03 1888)BirthBeulah Bondi, American actress (died in 1981)
May 3rd, 1886 (May 03 1886)BirthMarcel Dupre, French organist and composer (died in 1971)
May 3rd, 1879 (May 03 1879)BirthFergus McMaster, Australian businessman (died in 1950)
May 3rd, 1877 (May 03 1877)BirthKarl Abraham, German psychoanalyst (died in 1925) Abraham Quotes
May 3rd, 1874 (May 03 1874)BirthFrancois Coty, French perfume manufacturer (died in 1934)
May 3rd, 1874 (May 03 1874)BirthV. Walfrid Ekman, Swedish oceanographer (died in 1954)
May 3rd, 1873 (May 03 1873)BirthPavlo Skoropadsky, Ukrainian general (died in 1945)
May 3rd, 1870 (May 03 1870)BirthPrincess Helena Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein (died in 1948)
May 3rd, 1867 (May 03 1867)BirthJ.T. Hearne, English cricketer (died in 1944)
May 3rd, 1861 (May 03 1861)BirthEmmett Dalton, American outlaw (died in 1937)
May 3rd, 1860 (May 03 1860)BirthJohn Scott Haldane, Scottish physiologist (died in 1936)John Scott Quotes
May 3rd, 1860 (May 03 1860)BirthVito Volterra, Italian mathematician (died in 1940)
May 3rd, 1859 (May 03 1859)BirthAndy Adams, American author (died in 1935)
May 3rd, 1857 (May 03 1857)BirthGeorge Gore, American baseball player (died in 1933)
May 3rd, 1849 (May 03 1849)BirthBernhard von Bulow, Chancellor of Germany (died in 1929)
May 3rd, 1844 (May 03 1844)BirthRichard D Oyly Carte, English theatrical impresario (died in 1901)
May 3rd, 1835 (May 03 1835)BirthAlfred Austin, English poet (died in 1913)Alfred Austin Quotes
May 3rd, 1826 (May 03 1826)BirthCharles, Crown Prince of Sweden-Norway (died in 1872)
May 3rd, 1768 (May 03 1768)BirthCharles Tennant, Scottish chemist and industrialist (died in 1838)
May 3rd, 1764 (May 03 1764)BirthElisabeth of France, sister of Louis XVI, guillotined 1794
May 3rd, 1761 (May 03 1761)BirthAugust von Kotzebue, German dramatist (died in 1819)August von Kotzebue Quotes
May 3rd, 1713 (May 03 1713)BirthAlexis Clairault, French mathematician (died in 1765)
May 3rd, 1695 (May 03 1695)BirthHenri Pitot, Italian-born French engineer (died in 1771)
May 3rd, 1662 (May 03 1662)BirthMatthaus Daniel Poppelmann, German architect (died in 1736)
May 3rd, 1469 (May 03 1469)BirthNiccolo Machiavelli, Italian historian and political author (died in 1527)Niccolo Machiavelli Quotes
May 3rd, 1446 (May 03 1446)BirthMargaret of York, wife of Charles I, Duke of Burgundy (died in 1503)
May 3rd, 1428 (May 03 1428)BirthPedro Gonzalez de Mendoza, Spanish cardinal and statesman (died in 1495)
May 3rd, 1415 (May 03 1415)BirthCecily Neville, mother of Edward IV of England and Richard III of England (died in 1495) Richard III of England Quotes
May 3rd, 0612 (May 03 0612)BirthConstantine III, Byzantine Emperor (died in 641)

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